Supernormal is a festival like no other, providing a powerful antidote to the current malaise of festivals-as-big-business. Blurring the boundaries between art and music, performer and audience, it champions the iconoclastic and the experimental, allowing risks to be taken and leaps of imagination to occur. Somewhere in spirit between the original Glastonbury Fayre and an eccentric village fete, Supernormal is the alternative's alternative.

Braziers International Artists Workshop 1995 - 2010

Braziers Workshop is a non-profit making organisation set up in 1995. Taking place each August it is an artist-led initiative which strives to provide a meeting point for artists working in all visual disciplines. It brings together up to 30 artists of all nationalities for 16 days to work, exchange dialogue and experiment in a way that is mutually beneficial. It offers an opporunity of participating in an activity removed geograhically and conceptually from usual studio paractice; in an environment where experiments can be made and leaps of imagination can occur.

Batroun Projects, Lebanon.

An open platform supporting a multidisciplinary approach to art production and research, Batroun Projects in Norther Lebanon operates as a hub for dialogue, exchange, and collaboration with individuals, collectives, and institutions throughout Lebanon and beyond. It also seeks to challenge understandings of what art and cultural spaces should and can be.