'I’ve been thinking about why I have taken part in quite a number of residencies in the last few years and realised that the time spent making work in other places has become an important part of my practice.  The recurring feeling when I arrive somewhere at the start of a residency is one of questioning my decision to come away from my studio. What is it that I am looking for, what is to be found?  The answers begin to come as I make a start, walking, looking, smelling, getting my bearings, letting my interest be free - to be drawn, to be receptive to my surroundings, trying to not be prescriptive, not to seek out what is familiar.



Joya: arte + ecología / AiR is an "off-grid" interdisciplinary residency rooted in the crossroads of art, ecology and sustainable living practice. It is located in the heart of the Parque Natural Sierra María - Los Vélez, in the north of the province of Almería, Andalucía. Joya: AiR offers abundant time and space for residents to make, think, explore and learn from their surroundings.

Joya: Air

SUSAK Expo 2018

Susak expo is a contemporary art biennale founded by Herzog Dellafiore and Daniel Devlin that has taken place on the island of Susak, Croatia since 2006. The original reason for organising the Susak expo was as a reaction to the art fairs, biennales and museums of contemporary art sprouting up everywhere. The founders wanted to highlight the absurdity of this proliferation by staging an international art biennale in the most unlikely of places where very few people other
than the Susakians and the artists themselves get to see it.

Abbey Fellow in Painting BSR

Visual art awards at the BSR offer artists access to Rome and Italy as an exceptional repertory of the visual culture of the past, and encourage informed and innovative responses to that cultural heritage.

it is a 'unique opportunity for artists to get away from the pressures of their everyday lives and work without interruption, living in and becoming familiar with the most fascinating city of the ancient and modern world.'

Lower Basilica

Cill Railaig, IRELAND

In 1991, The Cill Rialaig Project began the rescue and restoration of a small pre-famine village on Bolus Head at the very end of the Iveragh Peninsula, thus creating an artists retreat that has attracted over the years over 4,500 artists from Ireland and the world.

For nearly 20 years, professional visual artists, writers, poets and composers from Ireland and around the world have lived and worked at the Cill Rialaig Retreat, making it an important centre for creativity.


One day at East Head 2012

Paintings made one Summers day in 2012 over a 12 hour period.

The work was exhibited as part of the show 'Olympic Relay'.


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