Arrived in Studio 4 BSR



photoSo I am actually here at The British School at Rome, and what a place. We had a guided tour this morning around the building.

The library is quite amazing and also somehow intimidating, thinking of all the serious scholars who have used it. The library staff added up to at least 8, in fact we have lots of people here to help us. Cooking, cleaning, getting permission to access buildings and museums, technicians, admin and lots of academics all keen to make our stay a valuable experience. I do feel very lucky.

We, the new scholars give our talks over the next two nights, I am up tonight and looking forward to finding out more of my fellow fellows.

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  1. Hope you are settling in Gill- what number studio are you in- I cant tell from the photo? Are they having the candlelit suppers tonight or is that just Sundays or any candles at all these days? Great underground painting!

    1. I am in Studio 4, rumour has it you were in 5…by the drips on the floor? Nice at weekends when I don’t have the white vans from the archaeology dept outside.

      Lots of candle lit dinners and interesting people. The time to read and walk and think….and yes paint, is special.

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