Proper first day

Today feels like the proper first day. Since we all arrived we have had several social drinks and chance to find out what the 13 of us are all up to, the range of study, covers Modernist architecture, art history, literature, and us artists. So while my camera battery charges, I have a few mins, besides making the studio feel like mine, I have begun to get my bearings, walking though the Borghese Gardens to The Piazza Popolo is a great way to begin any day.

Yesterday was a bit mad though, being a Sunday and the day in the month when Romans get free entrance to Museums and Galleries. My first attempt was to go to Joy’s recommendation of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Popolo but of course Mass was going on, so a stroll with the crowds along Del Corso meant I could track down two more churches that I intend to re visit. These are churches on a list of places to visit suggested by Robert Coates-Stephens, an archaeologist based here, who has kindly given me a whole load of suggestions. These are places that have layering of use often religious but not all. I hope to find possible places to paint, so am preparing boards and feeling the need to put paint to board soon.

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