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Tufa blocks are used as building materials in many of the underground spaces I have visited. Made from compressed volcanic ash and mined close to Rome, they are dense with history and texture. For me they hold a whole world of fascination.

Later today I will go to the underground space of the Basilica S. Lorenze in Lucina, only open the first Sat of each month at 5.00 pm. So not a painting opportunity, but I may be able to work on getting special permission and go back. Actually getting permission to paint is not possible, we describe it as drawing! And I have made a very discreet painting kit, it fits into a fisherman’s tackle box. Someone commented it could be my lunch box….well I do like my food. So once underground if it seems I will be undisturbed – out come the paints.

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  1. Really like the details and tonal aspects of this painting and others. Think it’s intriguing that it is by stealth these places are made visible.

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